White Paper
PAC 2.0
Mission and Vision
PAC is the first token in the OctaSpace blockchain network, conceived as a universal medium for participation in a gaming ecosystem with earning potential (Play-2-Earn), utilization of augmented reality (AR) services, trading of NFTs, and interaction with artificial intelligence through a Telegram bot. The project is developed in close cooperation with the OCTA team, aimed at creating a comprehensive entertainment ecosystem
The mission of PAC is to create a sustainable and innovative ecosystem for users and developers by offering new opportunities for earning and entertainment within the blockchain space. The vision of the project is to become a leader in the field of blockchain gaming by utilizing the Play-2-Earn model, NFTs, and AR technologies
for Staking Services
for OCTA/PAC mining
Release PAC Game Center
for Exchanges Liquidity Pools
for Dev Funds (2% per week of the staking payments)
Reserved (Some will burned by buying tickets and nodes)
Frozen Assets (Will burned by mining ITA coins)
NFT Collections
Within the PAC ecosystem, two primary categories of NFT collections are presented: basic and rare. Each NFT within these collections carries unique value and functionality, bringing new possibilities to the PAC world for users. Collections will expand and evolve in the future
Each NFT in the PAC ecosystem unlocks unique abilities and skills for characters in games, making the gameplay more thrilling and personalized. NFT owners can customize the appearance of their characters, gain access to exclusive levels and quests, and participate in special events and competitions
Integrating NFT with an AR system allows users to visualize their digital assets in the real world, adding a new level of interaction and immersion. This creates unique opportunities for games, educational applications and virtual meetings
The PAC NFT marketplace provides a platform for users to buy, sell, and exchange NFTs, allowing for investment in digital assets and profit extraction. The market value of NFTs can increase based on their rarity, demand, and uniqueness of abilities and appearance
Game Center and Tournaments
The Game Center allows users to enter any game within the project using a single account, eliminating the need for separate account creations. This simplifies the login process and enables players to accumulate and utilize their PAC tokens and NFT assets across various games
The Game Center organizes regular tournaments, both weekly and monthly, across different games within the PAC ecosystem. Participation in tournaments offers players the opportunity to compete against each other for top spots on the leaderboard and earn PAC tokens as rewards
Plans for the Game Center also include adding popular games from Steam and integrating special game tasks rewarded with PAC tokens. This opens new reward opportunities for players, making the gaming process even more engaging and motivating
PAC actively seeks opportunities for collaboration with game developers, offering them the chance to integrate their games into the PAC ecosystem. This will expand the Gaming Center’s game assortment and offer users even more entertainment and earning opportunities
The PAC Game Center is an innovative platform that serves as a single entry point for all games within the PAC project. It’s the central hub for managing a user’s account, including PAC token balance, access to games, tournament participation, and viewing achievements and rewards. The primary goal of the Gaming Center is to create a convenient and efficient interface for player interaction with the myriad opportunities of the PAC ecosystem
AR Service
AI Bot
Initially, the AR service allows users to observe how their NFTs look in various real-world environments, providing a unique and personalized experience. Users can place their NFTs anywhere around them, share these images on social networks, and interact with other users' NFTs.

In the long term, the development of a full-fledged AR game based on augmented reality technology is planned. This will allow users not only to visualize their NFTs but also to use them in interactive game scenarios, deepening the integration between virtual assets and the real world
The PAC Telegram bot is a unique tool that combines access to popular neural network technologies, including text generation (Chat GPT-4), images (Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, etc.), music, video, and other content. This makes the bot a valuable resource for creativity, learning, and entertainment.

Subscription payment for the bot is possible using PAC project tokens or other cryptocurrencies, making the service accessible and convenient for cryptocurrency owners. This not only promotes the use of PAC tokens as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem but also encourages users to interact more actively with the project
NFT Marketplace
Users can buy, sell, and exchange NFTs on the marketplace using a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The marketplace supports various auction types and fixed prices, offering flexible trading options. All transactions are secured by blockchain technology, ensuring the safety and transparency of deals
The marketplace includes a minting feature, allowing users to create their unique collections. This process enables creators to materialize their ideas in digital asset form, bringing new diversity and uniqueness to the PAC ecosystem. Minting NFTs on the marketplace fosters the creative potential of the community and strengthens its connection with the project
The development of a loyalty program to reward authors of quality content is one of the key development directions of the marketplace. This program will include rewards for activity, popularity, and user contributions to the NFT ecosystem’s development. The goal of the loyalty program is to stimulate the creation of high-quality and original content and to support an active community of creators and collectors
The marketplace plans to implement a system that allows the use of NFTs in games and other PAC project services. This means that NFT owners can’t only collect and trade unique assets but also apply them in the gameplay, gaining additional advantages, bonuses, or access to exclusive content. Such integration will extend the functionality of NFTs and deepen their role in the PAC ecosystem
The PAC NFT marketplace is a centralized platform for trading and exchanging NFTs created within the project’s ecosystem, as well as for minting user-generated NFTs. This marketplace is designed to provide users with a convenient tool for interacting with unique digital assets, expanding their use and integration into the gameplay and other services
PayPac represents the project’s proprietary payment system, developed by the PAC team to integrate a convenient and universal payment method both within the PAC ecosystem and in external services. This payment system is created to facilitate transactions using digital currencies, including basic stable coins, the proprietary PAC token, and the potential addition of other cryptocurrencies
The primary goal of PayPac is to aid in the convenient and secure exchange of digital currencies and to encourage the use of the PAC cryptocurrency in daily life. The payment system aims to simplify the payment process, reduce reliance on traditional financial institutions, and provide greater financial freedom to users and businesses
PayPac Payment System
The PAC team is actively working on further development and improvement of the PayPac payment system, including the implementation of additional security features, expanding the list of supported currencies, and integrating with new external services. These efforts are aimed at making PayPac a universal solution for all types of transactions within the cryptocurrency world and beyond, easing the path to widespread cryptocurrency adoption in everyday life
The PAC Bulletin Board service is an interactive notice board where space sized 1000×1000 pixels is available. Each user can purchase a plot on this board using PAC tokens to display advertisements, present their brand, service, or even just an interesting picture for other participants to see
The PAC Bulletin Board is not just an announcement service but an entire ecosystem where each plot of land and every posted message can play a key role in creating interactions, new connections, and opportunities for all participants of the PAC ecosystem
Bulletin board
ITA Blockchain
Cold Algorithm: ITA uses its proprietary cold algorithm to optimize the mining process and increase energy efficiency, thereby reducing the impact on the environment
Protection Against ASIC Devices: The ITA blockchain provides protection against ASIC devices, thus ensuring equal mining conditions for all network participants using CPU and GPU. This prevents the centralization of mining power in the hands of a few large players
Limited Supply: A total of 20 million ITA coins will be issued, ensuring their scarcity and potential value. The reward for each block is 20 coins, with a block generation time of 2 minutes
Within our separate ecosystem, we are pleased to announce the development of the new ITA blockchain, designed to enhance the security, efficiency, and resilience of the network.
Hybrid Mining Mechanism: ITA implements a hybrid mining mechanism, combining Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Useful Work (PoUW). This allows not only for transaction verification but also for performing useful computational tasks, increasing the overall benefit of mining
Integration with PAC and Burning Mechanism
The ITA blockchain will operate parallel to the existing PAC network, providing additional flexibility and expanded opportunities for users. An important aspect of the interaction between ITA and PAC is the PAC token burning mechanism: for every block found in ITA, a certain amount of PAC from the frozen assets specified in the tokenomics will be burned. This process contributes to reducing the overall supply of PAC, potentially increasing its value
Security and Transparency
In the PAC ecosystem, security and transparency are of utmost importance, as they are the cornerstone of trust. The use of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) smart contracts ensures the automation and error-free execution of transactions, eliminating human error and potential manipulations. All personal data is encrypted and stored securely, and all transactions within the PAC ecosystem are completely transparent and can be verified by any user at any time
The PAC ecosystem represents a unique combination of innovative technologies aimed at creating a comprehensive and interconnected environment for players, creators, and investors. From the NFT marketplace and gaming center with tournaments to AR services, the AI bot in Telegram, and the proprietary PayPac payment system, our project strives to create a multifunctional platform that maximizes interaction and benefits for its users
We invite all interested users and investors to join the PAC ecosystem to collectively shape the future of blockchain entertainment. New developments, improvements, and expansions of our activity areas lie ahead. We plan to further develop our services, including the launch of full-fledged AR games, expanding the functionality of the AI bot, and integrating our payment system into the real economy for the payment of goods and services